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The lesson from Grant C.

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Today we will be talking about the great confusion people are in and go through. There is no rhyme or reason why you should be in  a haze about what you  want out of life. The sole purpose of the human mind is to create, solve, and feel. You will be able to create a solution to go through life and get everything you want and more. You just have to be open and have a very high self-awareness. The old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. That goes for life too. We all need to make sure we have our goals in check and we write them down daily and often. The only reason you aren’t hitting your goals is your not even sure what they are if you are not taking the time to sit down for 5 minutes and write them down. Don’t sit there and try to figure out all the mechanics of the goal. Write it down and move on. And always make sure they are monster goals, stuff you will probably never hit but at least if you come close they will be huge. Grant is a self-pronounced New York time bestseller and sale genius. He has his own TV network “WIT” Whatever it takes network. His goal is to help 7 billion people on planet earth and leave a legacy for his family. They all called him crazy in the beginning and always questioned whether or not he a.d.d or a.d.h.d. He knew he was different and was not living up to his full potential. The worst part of his early twenties was when he was addicted to drugs and almost didn’t make it. He figured out though that he had to be a champion and would always tell his mother so. Grant said, ” one day mother I will be rich!” He always believed it and now is living it and helping other succeed in their own lives. He is now the leading sales and training source to companies all over the world and a self-help coach. He has amassed a wealth of apartment complexes and is trying to hit the Billionaire status sooner than later. We all could use the same outlook on life that Grant does. It has made him indestructible wealth and a name for himself that everyone recognizes in the professional sales world. Go to his youtube page and just watch all of his  videos on success, finances, business, and real estate. You will not be sorry and will probably start writing down your goals. And achieve them. Thanks for reading guys.