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My life in OKC.

Posted by Darren on
My life in OKC.



Hi friends, I have been in OKC for a couple years now and have had a great number of people tell me from my hometown in “San Diego”, that I was crazy for moving here. The way I see it is that we have too short a time on this planet and  as humans, we were designed to travel and adapt to our surroundings. This city is a great one, different than home, but very quaint and growing. There is always construction in OKC and the surrounding suburbs and the future for this state looks bright.  I have had many people here befriend me and treat me like family once I planted my roots in this red clay. For now. I will have to say that OKC is a lot different than most people would think. There is a stable economy here amidst all the turmoil and presidential debacles. The people are the nicest in the world and so down-to-earth and very supportive of their friends and family. The areas around the city are just as nice and growing to new extents. The city is always developing old sections in its midtown and uptown areas that are bustling with millennials and new innovation that is sure to keep this beautiful city on the top of the list for one of the greatest cities to live in. Thank you all for following my writings and I look forward to sharing more on my OKC life.