About My Mission

I have set out on a mission to live the ultimate life of Wealth, health, love and happiness. The end game is not that of mounds of money to buy pointless objects that are of no use to me in my afterlife. I am looking to create great wealth that is something to pass down to my children and grandchildren. The thought of being able to help other in a philanthropic way is an exciting thing.

I want nothing more than to help others grown and live the same life if they choose to. There is a world of abundance around us and  I have seen it all too often that people sabotage themselves and create a life they do not enjoy and despise anyone with wealth. Which is unnecessary. “It is not your fault that you are born broke.” “But, it is your fault if you die broke. The health factor of all this is a choice as well. People are so quick to forget about their health while trying to build wealth. They work to create wealth and then later in life spend it all trying to get healthy again. Should we do that, we will waste our years away not enjoying. The love factor is one we yearn for as human beings. Love is magical and a necessity. We can fall in love as fast as we can  fall out of it. We must not let this happen if avoidable. You can spend too much time in search and never get there. That is the road to a lonely life alone if you are not self-aware and miss your cue when love is present.

To sum it up on all this life talk and what to do about it, we must understand one’s self and understand what is most important to our lives.  There is no wrong way or right way. You create the life you want and all the things important to you in it. We all have the same goals, however. To be loved. To be wealthy. To be happy. To be healthy.


I wish you a life of prosperity and hope you achieve all of your goals.

me myself and I