Florida trip that was very interesting.

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Hey Guys, Darren here. I was enjoying a pina colada¬†on the beach this morning, err afternoon. ūüôā

I was chilling there and realized, damn! I left my book on the table in my room at the beach house. (Which is a bummer because I have to walk all the way back and it’s was a ways. Feel me? Anyhow,¬†I am walking¬†back and I get the notion. Ahh. I’ll stop by the front counter and say hi to the cute receptionist and ask for more towels and possibly a number… Ha!

Whom I kidding? I ain’t¬†got no time for that… I gotta get some R&R for myself. Just kidding! ¬†There’s¬†always time for that. I wondered though why was there a group of gentlemen at the lobby reception area having too much fun for the last three hours. They were wailing about the storm season in the spring that is thought to be a wild one in the plains, and they would soon find their loot. So after I went back to my place and got cleaned up and responded to a million emails I was thinking to myself, That might be an interesting industry to know more about of which I feel may be a great opportunity to invest or create a new entity¬†myself. So I kept listening and couldn’t stand going over to the gentlemen and not introduce myself.

When I approached them they were all very kind and were asking all about what I did and all that jazz. So We proceeded to talk for hours and they explained to me that the industry they have their eyes on was a very lucrative one. We talked and they asked me. Would you like to come to Dallas and see what their new company was all about? I asked them whats it called? Paintless Dent Repair Oklahoma City. and Their other entity they had already that was a hit was Auto Hail Damage Repair OKC.

These giys had it all figured out from what they told me. So, I went ack to my place did my due diligence on these fellows and they are the leaders in dent repair apperantly. So we shall see where this takes me. For now ill see you on the filp side.